Skaz 1-When Buying Views Goes Wrong @dj_iceman @SkazOne

Skaz 1 is an emcee and weed enthusiast. he’s also one of the many “Fake it till you make it” rappers that buys views for his Youtube videos and Followers for his social media accounts. of course a lot of rappers do it,but when he got exposed, he not only got mad but it took a evil,racist turn.

earlier in August of 2017 Skazz bought 1 million youtube views and put 100,000 on 5 videos. then he bought 500,000 instagram followers. (his account started at 23,000 and at the end of the month was at 130,000.) the seller who was doing the instagram followers was almost scammed by the supplier,but wound up getting Skaz’s money back and continued on with another supplier. but by this time Skaz was exposed for buying followers

and when this happened,Skaz attacked the seller with racist remarks

now with everything that’s been going on in this country,why would this person do something like this? this is what happens when you get caught faking the funk,in your career AND in life. if this guy wasn’t trying to be something he’s not (a good rapper) this wouldn’t have happened. it only takes a little bit of adversity for a persons true colors to show. what a scumbag..

Ayatollah & DJ Budget Money-Weapons of Mass Production: Episode 1 @djbudgetmoney @dj_iceman

Ayatollah (Queens NY): Super Producer known for top 20 Rap Chart smash “Ms. Fat Booty 2″ by Mos Def, Talib Kweli’s “Joy,” Guru (Gang Starr R.I.P) “Cry,” and R.A. The Rugged Mans “chains.” Dj Budget Money (Portland OR): A experienced Battle Dj, Party Rocker & Local Producer who has worked with underground legends Red Skin The General, Bigg B & has done many tracks for World Wide Internet Radio Networks Thunder Cloud Radio, Real Hip Hop Uncut & IamTCRADIO.


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